Hello all!

Looking for a pool cleaning service? Thank you for your consideration on servicing your pool!

We are a family owned and operated pool maintenance company that is dedicated to providing a professional and consistent weekly pool service.

Why us?

With an abundance of pool service companies one thing that seems to be consistent is the unknown!

Questions I frequently hear about “the other pool guys”:

    1. Do they come?
      Often large pool service providers are overbooked. The results? Inexperienced technicians manage routes, moving from one pool to the next as fast as they can.
    2. What exactly do they do?
      Well who knows right? When they do come, they are in and out in record times: often with few tools to properly service the pool.
    3. How do I know when it’s safe to swim?
      Most pool companies do what’s called a “splash and dash” service. They dump large amounts of chemicals into the pool, leaving the pool in constant shock. Large amounts of chemicals shorten the lifespan of pool equipment and surface areas. Most of all, though, these chemicals make it unsafe for swimmers.
    4. What are they putting in my water?
      I don’t know. Do you? Because these overbooked pool service providers don’t have time to actually clean, skim and vacuum your pool, they over-compensate with chemicals. Regardless of the type of chemicals they add, they’re still adding too much. Large amounts of chemicals may result in swimmers experiencing dry, cracked skin and red, itchy eyes.
    5. Is my equipment working properly?
      Most pool equipment is tucked away from sight so, often, the nuts and bolts of system are overlooked. Unless something breaks, your pool service provider may never check whether or not your system is running efficiently.

What We Do

After many years of working in the pool service industry, we have developed a system that truly works.

We offer a complete, weekly emailed report sent to you after every visit. This email includes:

  1. Your SAFE swim time
  2. Your chemical reading upon arrival
  3. The list of chemicals that has been added
  4. The dosage amounts of these chemicals
  5. A time stamped photo of your pool

* Upon request, you may also view all internal components with our inspection camera

Point being, we do things differently. We’re here to serve you by taking the very best possible care of your pool, doing it consistently and communicating with you regularly. Call us today!