When’s the last time your pool was vacuumed? Every pool service company skims and dumps gallons of chemicals during their visits, but have they ever — even once — vacuumed your pool?

At Perfect Pool & Spa we understand that a regularly vacuumed pool:

  1. Reduces the amount of chemicals we need to add

  2. Extends the life of pool equipment — especially pumps

  3. Makes for a much, much cleaner pool

…so we vacuum. Every. Single. Week.

At Perfect Pool & Spa, we’re proud users of the Riptide Pool Vacuum System. The Riptide — and its 30lb. thrust motor — isn’t your run-of-the-mill, cheaply-made, box-store vacuum. The Riptide is an industrial strength commercial pool vacuum that uses a lot of power and a 24-inch vacuum head to remove dirt, leaves, tree-droppings and more from your pool.


See it in action for yourself:



So let’s get vacuuming! Call today to schedule your first service with Perfect Pool & Spa!